Кулинарный Клуб "С Миру По Ложке"

Рубрика "Секреты Африканской кухни"
Ведет Ольга Обинече
Main course
Kidney Suya
(Spicy Kidney)
Chicken Stew
Jollof Rice  
with Fried Plantain
Vegetable soup  
(Ugu, water leaf and
Ukazi Soup
Fried Rice
Moi Moi  
(Black eye beans cake)
Akara  (Fried Black
eye bean cakes)
Pof Pof
(Sweet dumplings)
Black eyed beans and rice
Rice dishes
Curried Goat
Mixed Goat Meat stew   
Spicy African Snails (Igbin Alata)
Plain Boiled Rice
Spicy Chicken Wings   
Desserts & Snacks
Fried Plantain (dodo)  &    
   Fried Yam (dundun)
Pap Cake
Grilled Breadfruit,
sweet potatoes  
with Grilled
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Meals from different tribes  in Nigeria
Ugba soup with
spinach and okro